I hate this feeling buried deep inside. Trapped by feelings not able to escape the fear. Not able to hide. Waking up at all hours of the night. Not able to sleep as the fear builds within. Not able to hide because they are are already here. Panick. Breathe. It starts all over again. This … Continue reading Nightmares


Distant Thoughts

We look back at our memories now. Places in our mind, trapped behind, incoherent thoughts that leave scars on our hearts. Pretending that it was far, the world we left behind, shattered, broken, bent in time. Realizing it wasn't long ago our bodies left our hearts behind. Pictures we picked up and placed back down. … Continue reading Distant Thoughts


At night I lie awake; trying not to make a sound. Sleep deprived. My mind is racing now. Wide awake. Thoughts flood through me. I can't make them stop. They begin to consume me. The more I push them down; the surface they come forth, Reminding me how things can always get worst. So restless … Continue reading Restless